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Vol. 36, 2017

Mitochondrial hyperpolarization and cytochrome-c release in microwave-exposed MCF–7 cells

Meric Esmekaya, Ayse Canseven, Handan Kayhan, Mehmed Tuysuz, Bahriye Aral, Nesrin Seyhan

Accepted 10 May 2016

Comparative molecular dynamics study of dimeric and monomeric forms of HIV-1 protease in ligand bound and unbound state

Monikaben Padariya, Umesh Kalathiya

Accepted 24 June 2016

Salicylic acid and ascorbic acid retrieve activity of antioxidative enzymes and structure of Caralluma tuberculata calli on PEG stress

Riaz Rehman, Muhammad Chaudhary, Muhammad Zia

Accepted 15 April 2016

Molecular crowding has no effect on the dilution thermodynamics of the biologically relevant cation mixtures

Daria Głogocka, Magdalena Przybylo, Marek Langner

Accepted 1 July 2016

Up-regulation of nitric oxide synthases by erythropoietin alone and in conjunction with ischemic preconditioning in ischemia reperfusion injury of rat kidneys

Mohammed Elshiekh, Mehri Kadkhodaee, Behjat Seifi, Mina Ranjbaran

Accepted 28 July 2016

Novel seleno-hydantoin palladium(II) complex – antimigratory, cytotoxic and prooxidative potential on human colon HCT-116 and breast MDA-MB-231 cancer cells

Marko Živanović, Jelena Košarić, Biljana Šmit, Dragana Šeklić, Radoslav Pavlović, Snežana Marković

Accepted 16 August 2016

Inhibition of Kupffer cell functions modulates arsenic intoxication in Wistar rats

Oluyomi Adeyemi, Ekong Meyakno, Musbau Akanji

Accepted 6 September 2016

Antioxidative effects of diallyl trisulfide on hydrogen peroxide-induced cytotoxicity through regulation of nuclear factor-E2-related factor-mediated thioredoxin reductase 1 expression in C2C12 skeletal muscle myoblast cells

Yung Hyun Choi, Ji Sook Kang, Byung Woo Kim, Gi Yiung Kim

Accepted 11 September 2016

Auranofin, an inhibitor of thioredoxin reductase, induces apoptosis in hepatocellular carcinoma Hep3B cells by generation of reactive oxygen species

Yung Hyun Choi, Hyun Hwang-Bo, Jin-Woo Jeong, Min Ho Han, Cheol Park, Su-Hyun Hong, Gi-Young Kim, Sung-Kwon Moon, Jaehun Cheong, Wun-Jae Kim, Young Hyun Yoo

Accepted 12 September 2016

Glutathione is the main endogenous inhibitor of protein glycation

Izabela Sadowska-Bartosz, Sabina Galiniak, Grzegorz Bartosz

Accepted 19 September 2016

Unequal size of ions in modified Wicke-Eigen model of electric double layer

Ales Iglic, Veronika Kralj-Iglič, Ekaterina Gongadze

Accepted 21 September 2016

Effects of heat and freeze on isolated erythrocyte submembrane skeletons

Ivan Ivanov, Boyana Paarvanova, Veselin Ivanov, Kathrin Smuda, Hans Bäumler

Accepted 21 September 2016

Infrared spectroscopic investigation on erythrocyte membrane-smoke interactions due to chronic cigarette smoking

Mahmoud Sherif, Aly Mervat, Ali Eman

Accepted 23 September 2016

The protective role of folic acid against testicular dysfunction in lead-intoxicated rat model

Asmaa Gomaa, Nasser Abou Khalil, Mohammed Abdel-Ghani

Accepted 27 September 2016

Combination of bacteriolytic therapy with magnetic field for Ehrlich tumour treatment

Fadel Ali, Reem El-Gebaly, Amany Hamad

Accepted 13 October 2016

Involvement of oxidative stress in the mechanism of p,p’-DDT-induced nephrotoxicity in adult rats

Neila Marouani, Dorsaf Hallegue, Mohsen Sakly, Moncef Benkhalifa, Khemais Ben Rhouma, Olfa Tebourbi

Accepted 13 October 2016

Influence of static magnetic fields in phototaxis and osmotic stress in Gymnodinium catenatum (Dinophyceae)

Paulo João Vieira Vale

Accepted 20 October 2016

NADP-dependent enzymes are involved in salt and hypoosmotic stress in cucumber plants

Veronika Hýsková, Veronika Plisková, Václav Červený, Helena Ryšlavá

Accepted 28 October 2016

Consequences of lipopolysaccharide and omega-3 fatty acids administration on aortic function of spontaneously hyperte

Barbara Kaprinay, Ruzena Sotnikova, Karel Frimmel, Jakub Krizak, Iveta Bernatova, Ludmila Okruhlicova

Accepted 4 November 2016

Modulatory effects of naringin on hepatic key enzymes of carbohydrate metabolism in high fat diet fed - low dose of streptozotocin - induced diabetic rats

Pari Leelavinothan, Chandramohan Ramasamy

Accepted 20 November 2016

Gastroprotective effect of ghrelin against indomethacin-induced gastric injury in rats; possible role of heme oxygenase-1 pathway

Mona Allam, Ola EL-Gohary

Accepted 5 December 2016

Chemical components, antioxidant potential and hepatoprotective effects of Artemisia campestris essential oil against deltamethrin-induced genotoxicity and oxidative damage in rats

Mongi Saoudi, Marwa Ncir, Manel Ben Ali, Malek Gratic, Kamel Jamoussic, Noureddine Alloucheb, Abdelfattah El Feki

Accepted 19 December 2016

Postsynaptic zinc potentiation elicited by KCl depolarization at hippocampal mossy fiber synapses

F.C. Bastos, S.A. Lopes, V.N. Corceiro, C.M. Matias, J.C. Dionísio, F.D.S. Sampaio dos Aidos, P.J. Mendes, R.M. Santos, R.M. Quinta-Ferreira, M.E. Quinta-Ferreira

Accepted 2 January 2017

MPP1 interacts with DOPC/SM/Cholesterol in an artificial membrane system using Langmuir-Blodgett monolayer

Mohamed Elderdfi, Jolanta Zegarlińska, Walis Jones, Aleksander F. Sikorski

Accepted 12 January 2017

A Functional and Structural Characterisation of 5 Missense Mutations of the Phenylalanine Hydroxylase

Pecimonova Martina, Polak Emil, Csicsay Frantisek, Reblova Kamila, Stojiljkovic Maja, Levarski Zdenko, Skultety Ludovit, Kadasi Ludevit, Soltysova Andrea

Accepted 27 January 2017

Research on the effect of Formononetin on photodynamic therapy in K562 cells

Dan Sun, Yao Lu, Su-Juan Zhang, Kai-ge Wang, Zhe Sun

Accepted 30 January 2017

Effect of lipoic acid on paraoxonase-1 and paraoxonase-3 protein levels, mRNA expression and arylesterase activity in liver hepatoma cells

Eray Ozgun, Gulben Sayilan Ozgun, Kiymet Tabakcioglu, Selma Suer Gokmen, Necdet Sut, Sevgi Eskiocak

Accepted 2 February 2017

Cross-reacting material 197 (CRM197) affects actin cytoskeleton of endothelial cells

Bilge Özerman Edis, Başak Varol, Ebru Hacıosmanoğlu, Ayhan Ünlü, Muhammet Bektaş

Accepted 3 February 2017

In vitro non-thermal oxidative stress response after 1800 MHz radiofrequency radiation

Ana Marija Marjanovic Cermak, Ivan Pavicic, Blanka Tariba Lovakovic, Alica Pizent, Ivancica Trosic

Accepted 6 February 2017

Effects of extremely low frequency electromagnetic fields on morphine analgesia and tolerance in rats

Ercan Ozdemir, Ayse Demirkazik, Sinan Gursoy, Ahmet Sevki Taskıran, Olca Kilinc, Gokhan Arslan

Accepted 13 February 2017

Inhibition of PDE4 by low doses of rolipram induces changes in lipid and protein components of mice heart

Sevgi Türker-Kaya, İpek Komsuoğlu Celikyurt, Umut Celikyurt, Aygül Kın

Accepted 28 February 2017

Obesity and age related alterations in fat/CD36 translocation and lipin-1 subcellular localization in skeletal muscle of the zucker rats

Snjezana Romic, Katarina Krskova, Rafal Olszanecki, Lucia Balazova, Viktoria Lory, Goran Koricanac, Miroslava Slamkova and Stefan Zorad

Accepted 1 March 2017

Biodegradable nanoparticles loaded with tetrameric melittin: preparation and membrane disruption evaluation

Azucena Gonzalez-Horta, Arely Matamoros-Acosta, Abelardo Chavez-Montes, Rocio Castro-Rios, Jorge Lara-Arias

Accepted 6 March 2017

The role of microsomal oxidation in the regulation of monoamine oxidase activity in the brain and liver of rats

Vadim Tseilikman, Denis Kozochkin, Eugenia Manukhina, H. Downey, Olga Tseilikman, Maria Komelkova>, Maria Vasilyeva, Maxim Lapshin, Marat Sahabutdinov, Svetlana Lazuko

Accepted 7 March 2017

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