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Accepted Papers

Accepted papers will successively appear in a printed version of the journal. These papers are in preparation and have not been copyedited yet.

Transient Receptor Potential Vanilloid (TRPV) Channels: Basal Properties and Physiological Potential

Tomohiko Sasase, Fatchiyah Fatchiyah, Takeshi Ohta

Accepted February 13, 2022

Omentin-1 attenuates inflammation and barrier damage in DSS-induced ulcerative colitis in mice by inhibiting endoplasmic reticulum stress

Lizhuan Ma, Xiujing Zhang, Chao Zhang, Yanli Zhou, Hongliang Zhang

Accepted January 26, 2022

Biomarkers associated with metastasis and prognosis of lung adenocarcinoma based on microarray data

Jiang Du, Han Qiao, Da-Long Xie

Accepted January 24, 2022

Electrodermal activity spectral and nonlinear analysis – potential biomarkers for sympathetic dysregulation in autism.

Zuzana Visnovcova, Nikola Ferencova, Marian Grendar, Igor Ondrejka, Lucia Bona Olexova, Iveta Bujnakova, Ingrid Tonhajzerova

Accepted January 18, 2022

Neonatal administration of zingerone prevents the subsequent development of high dietary fructose-induced early features of nephropathy in rats

Nasiru Muhammad, Busisani Lembede Kennedy Erlwanger

Accepted January 18, 2022

BDH2 promotes apoptosis and autophagy of lung adenocarcinoma cells via Akt/mTOR pathway

Yongli Nie, Xiong Mei, Fengjun Cao, Xueni Zhu

Accepted January 13, 2022

Polyphyllin I alleviates inflammatory injury in mice with gestational diabetes through AMPK pathway

Yaoyao Cai, Fengfeng Xie, Haiou Wang, Qi Zhai , Feng Lin, Shishi Pan

Accepted December 28, 2021

Peculiarities of mitochondrial chloride channel kinetics

Anton Misak, Zuzana Sevcikova Tomaskova

Accepted December 26, 2021

Segmental flexibility of spectrin reflects erythrocyte membrane deformability

Ivan Ivanov, Boyana Paarvanova

Accepted December 26, 2021

TRAF3 plays a role in lupus nephritis by regulating Th17 cell and Treg cell balance as well as NF-κB signaling pathway in mice

Xue-Qian Sun, Wen-si Liu, Hui-ming Zhang, Chun-yan Xuan, Yue Wang, Bing-bing Fu

Accepted December 20, 2021

Junctophilin-2 allosterically interacts with ryanodine receptor type 2 to regulate calcium release units in mouse cardiomyocytes

Tianxia Luo, Ningning Yan, Mengru Xu, Fengjuan Dong, Qian Liang, Ying Xing, Hongkun Fan

Accepted December 8, 2021

Effects of supplemental flaxseed on the ovarian and uterine functions of adult cycling mice

Radoslava Vlčková, Zuzana Andrejčáková, Drahomíra Sopková, Katarzyna Kozioł, Zdenka Hertelyová, Anna Koziorowska, Soňa Gancarčíková

Accepted December 4, 2021

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