General Physiology and Biophysics

An International Journal

Vol. 42, No. 5 (2023)

Theophylline-induced endothelium-dependent vasodilation is mediated by increased nitric oxide release and phosphodiesterase inhibition in rat aorta


Kyeong-Eon Park - Soohee Lee - Sung Il Bae - Yeran Hwang - Seong-Ho Ok - Seung Hyun Ahn - Gyujin Sim - Soonghee Chung - Ju-Tae Sohn

Five glycosylation-related gene signatures predict the prognostic risks of lung adenocarcinoma


Xiao-Hui Liu - Yi-Ming Yang - Ming-Ming Zhang - Hao-Yu Fu

Early-life maternal deprivation in rats increases sensitivity to the subsequent stressors: a pilot study


Maria Komelkova - Boris Yushkov - Stanislav Fedorov - Roman Ibragimov - Pavel Platkovskiy - Desheng Hu - Shanshan Luo - Alexey Sarapultsev

Effects of novel mRNA-VEGF@USPIO nanoparticles on human brain microvascular endothelial cell injury


Jiang Zhao - Zhiyuan Qian

Polydatin inhibited TNF-α-induced apoptosis of skeletal muscle cells through AKT-mediated p38 MAPK and NF-κB pathways


Yongli Liu - Fang Xie - Changhuai Lu - Zongbo Zhou - Shudong Li - Jia Zhong - Qian Li - Xianfang Shao

Effects of percutaneous coronary intervention via transradial artery access combined with metoprolol on cardiac function and vascular endothelial function in elderly patients with coronary heart disease


Feng Cheng - Juan Xu

The effects of the pulsed magnetic field on sepsis-induced liver tissue injury in rats


Fikret Gevrek - Serkan Yelli - Serkan Gürgül

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