General Physiology and Biophysics

An International Journal

Vol. 41, No. 6 (2022)

Stem cells and cardiac arrhythmias


Yushkov BG, Sarapultsev AP.

The ubiquitin-editing enzyme TNFAIP3 exerts neuroprotective roles in epilepsy rats through repressing inflammation


Zhuo Z, Kong H, Jin P, Ren Y.

TGFβ1 induces myofibroblast transdifferentiation via increasing Smad-mediated RhoGDI-RhoGTPase signaling


Tang L, Feng P, Qi Y, Huang L, Liang X, Chen X.

Correlation between α-synuclein and fatty acid composition in jejunum of rotenone-treated mice is dependent on acyl chain length


Hajduchova D, Holic R, Gajdos P, Certik M, Halasova E, Pecova R, Pokusa M.

Homocysteine promotes migration of adventitial fibroblasts via angiotensin II type 1 receptor activation to aggravate atherosclerosis


Zhu Z, Li S, Jia Y, Guo J.

Plasma proteome alterations in prediabetic, obese Zucker rats - possible cardiovascular risk implications


Totoń-Żurańska J, Balazova L, Krskova K, Bujak-Giżycka B, Zorad S, Olszanecki R, Suski M.

Wnt7b/β-catenin signaling pathway mediated by retinoid acid involved in the transdifferentiation of primary fetal alveolar epithelial type II cells


Ma J, Zhang D, Lv M, Pan Q, Liu X.

Ubiquitin specific peptidase 25 alleviates acute lung injury and suppresses the inflammatory response in lung epithelial cells


Xu Z, Peng Q, Wang Y, Chen X, Zhang J.

The relationship between aerobic capacity and cognitive/academic performance in medical students


Bayramlar Z, Ankarali S, Ankarali H.

Nomogram for predicting cancer-specific survival of patients with clear-cell renal cell carcinoma: a SEER-based population study


Wang J, Wen Q, Wang X, Liu C, Zhao K, Li Y, Yang J, Liang X.

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