General Physiology and Biophysics

An International Journal

Vol. 41, No. 1 (2022)

Advances in studies of ncRNAs in the pathophysiology and treatment of spinal disease


Wang J, Wei W, Jia Y, Xi X, Jin Y

Identification of hub genes in chronic pancreatitis and analysis of association with pancreatic cancer via bioinformatic analysis


Li H, Hao C, Yang Q, Gao W, Ma B, Xue D

Roles of NOD1/Rip2 signal pathway in carotid artery remodelling in spontaneous hypertensive rats


Zhang J, Fang B, Sun L, Zhang X, Liu J, Yang Y, Zhang W, Wang X, Ding Y

Leonurine exerts a protective effect in dextran sodium sulfate-induced experimental inflammatory bowel disease mice model


Qi L, Chen X, Pan Y, Zha Z, Tang M, Shi C, Yang B, Wang H

Resveratrol improves ovarian function in aged rat by inhibiting oxidative stress and activating the Sirt1


Wu H, Xue J, Di H, Lv C, Hao Y, Nie Z

The effects of thiamine pyrophosphate on propofol-induced oxidative liver injury and effect on dysfunction


Acun Delen L, Korkmaz Disli Z, Tas HG, Kuyrukluyildiz U, Yazici GN, Suleyman B, Kuzucu M, Gursu C, Suleyman H

FAM134B-mediated ER-phagy alleviates endoplasmic reticulum stress of rat soleus muscle in response to acute exercise


Jin S, Li L, Ren Z, Li J, Wang R, Ding H

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