General Physiology and Biophysics

An International Journal

Vol. 38, No. 6 (2019)

Detection of CD33 expression on monocyte surface is influenced by phagocytosis and temperature


Nittiya Suwannasom, Kathrin Smuda, Chiraphat Kloypan, Waraporn Kaewprayoon, Nuttakorn Baisaeng, Chanchai Boonla, Radostina Georgieva and Hans Bäumler

Trafficking of synaptic vesicles is changed at the hypothalamus by exposure to an 835 MHz radiofrequency electromagnetic field


Ju Hwan Kim, Yang Hoon Huh and Hak Rim Kim

A preliminary report: genistein attenuates cerebral ischemia injury in ovariectomized rats via regulation of the PI3K-Akt-mTOR pathway


Li-yan Lu, Yan Liu, Yu-feng Gong and Xiu-ying Zheng

Modulation of inhibitory and excitatory neurotransmissions by Zn2+ on the substantia gelatinosa neurons of the trigeminal subnucleus caudalis in mice


Hoang T. T. Nguyen, Seon Hui Jang, Soo Joung Park, Dong Hyu Cho and Seong Kyu Han

Involvement of P2X7 receptors in satellite glial cells of dorsal root ganglia in the BmK I -induced pain model of rats


Jingjing Zhou, Danting Feng, Xiaoxue Zhang, Chenchen Xia, Zhiping Zhang, Jiahao Kang, Zhiyong Tan and Bin Wu

The effects of various estrogen doses on the proliferation and differentiation of cultured neural stem cells


Lixia Zhang, Yaqun Ma, Min Liu, Yulong Ma and Hang Guo

Can the negative effects of ketamine abuse on female genital organs be prevented by nimesulide? An experimental study


Can Turkler, Taylan Onat, Engin Yildirim, Selcuk Kaplan, Gulce N. Yazici, Renad Mammadov and Mukadder Sunar

The potential developmental programming effect of oral curcumin on the bone health and plasma total osteocalcin of male and female rats fed a high-fructose diet during suckling and post weaning


Kasimu G. Ibrahim, Hayley L. Wright, Eliton Chivandi, Michael T. Madziva and Kennedy H. Erlwanger

Chromosome damage in human cells induced by UMTS mobile telephony radiation


Dimitris J. Panagopoulos

Evaluation of thermostable catalase-peroxidase AfKatG supplementation on toxicity of residual hydrogen peroxide in cultivation media of lactic acid bacteria from starter cultures


Eva Struhárňanská, Monika Chovanová, Silvia Rybecká, Mária Mikulášová, Zdenko Levarski, Marcel Zámocký, Stanislav Stuchlík and Ján Turňa

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