General Physiology and Biophysics

An International Journal

Vol. 36, No. 1 (2017)

Ubiquitination and proteasome-mediated degradation of voltage-gated Ca2+ channels and potential pathophysiological implications


Felix R. and Weiss N.

Influence of solar and geomagnetic activity in Gymnodinium catenatum (Dinophyceae) cultures


Vale P

Imaging of striatal injury in a songbird brain


Lukacova K, Baciak L, Pavukova E, Pichova K, Kasparova S, Kubikova L

Esculetin exerts anti-proliferative effects against non-small-cell lung carcinoma by suppressing specificity protein 1 in vitro


Lee RH, Jeon YJ, Cho JH, Jang JY, Kong IK, Kim SH, Kim MS, Chung HJ, Oh KB, Park SM, Shin JC, Seo JM, Ko S, Shim JH, Chae JI

The influence of prenatal 10 GHz microwave radiation exposure on a developing mice brain


Sharma A, Kesari KK, Saxena VK, Sisodia R

The effect of maternal stress on blastocyst quality depends on maternal physiological status


Janštová Z, Burkuš J, Kubandová J, Fabian D, Koppel J, Čikoš S

Sinomenine prevents the development of cardiomyopathy in diabetic rats by inhibiting inflammatory responses and blocking activation of NF-κB


Jiang C, Tong YL, Zhang D, Liu LZ, Wang JF

The response of rat and human uterus to oxytocin from different gestational stages in vitro


Alotaibi MF

Effects of low and high deprenyl dose on antioxidant enzyme activities in the adult rat brain


Lalkovicova M, Horvathova F, Sulla I, Mihalik J, Danielisova V

Integrated in silico-in vitro characterization, identification and disruption of the intermolecular interaction between SH3 domain-containing protein kinases and human pituitary tumor-transforming gene 1


Li Y, Li M, Min W, Han G, Wang L, Chen C, Li Z, Zhang Y, Li J, Yue Z

Cerebellar neurochemical and histopathological changes in rat model of Parkinson's disease induced by intrastriatal injection of rotenone


Khadrawy YA, Mourad IM, Mohammed HS, Noor NA, Aboul Ezz HS

Obestatin improves hepatic injury induced by ischemia/reperfusion in rats: Role of nitric oxide


El-Gohary OA

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