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Vol. 30, No. 4 (2011)

The role of PPAR in myocardial response to ischemia in normal and diseased heart. (Review)  

Ravingerova T, Adameova A, Carnicka S, Nemcekova M, Kelly T, Matejikova J, Galatou E, Barlaka E, Lazou A.

Substituted derivatives of indole acetic acid as aldose reductase inhibitors with antioxidant activity: structure-activity relationship.  

Juskova M, Majekova M, Demopoulos V, Stefek M.

Nicotine reduces mortality of developing rats exposed to high-altitude hypoxia and partially suppresses the duration of cortical epileptic afterdischarges.  

Riljak V, Marešová D, Pokorný J.

Evaluation of trace elements and oxidative stress levels in the liver and kidney of streptozotocin-induced experimental diabetic rat model.  

Ozcelik D, Tuncdemir M, Ozturk M, Uzun H.

Age-dependent ultrastructural changes of coronary artery in spontaneously hypertensive rats.  

Cebova M, Kristek F.

Study of the effect of DNA polymorphisms in the mannose-binding lectin gene (MBL2) on disease severity in Slovak cystic fibrosis patients.  

Tothova Tarova E, Polakova H, Kayserova H, Celec P, Zuzulova M, Kadasi L.

Mutation analysis of PMP22 in Slovak patients with Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease and hereditary neuropathy with liability to pressure palsies.  

Resko P, Radvansky J, Odnogova Z, Baldovic M, Minarik G, Polakova H, Palffy R, Kadasi L

The effects of chronic long-term intermittent hypobaric hypoxia on blood rheology parameters.  

Yelmen N, Ozdemir S, Guner I, Toplan S, Sahin G, Yaman OM, Sipahi S.

The aqueous garlic, onion and leek extracts release nitric oxide from S-nitrosoglutathione and prolong relaxation of aortic rings.  

Grman M, Misak A, Cacanyiova S, Kristek F, Tomaskova Z, Bertova A, Ondrias K.

T-type calcium channel blockers - new and notable.  

Lacinová L.

Investigation of a weak magnetic field effect on the in vitro catalytic activity of adenosine deaminase and xanthine oxidase.  
    Batcioglu K, Dogan M, Uyumlu AB, Satilmis B, Bayri N, Atalay S, Demirtas H. 410-414
Extremely low frequency magnetic field induces oxidative stress in mouse cerebellum.

Chu LY, Lee JH, Nam YS, Lee YJ, Park WH, Lee BC, Kim D, Chung YH, Jeong JH.