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Vol. 23, No. 4 (2004)

Impaired oxidant/antioxidant status and LDL-fatty acid composition are associated with increased susceptibility to peroxidation of LDL in diabetic patients. Full text in PDF

Merzouk S, Hichami A, Sari A, Madani S, Merzouk H, Yahia Berrouiguet A, Lenoir-Rousseaux JJ, Chabane-Sari N, Khan NA

Time course of ischemia/reperfusion-induced oxidative modification of neural proteins in rat forebrain. Full text in PDF

Lehotsky J, Murin R, Strapkova A, Urikova A, Tatarkova Z, Kaplan P

Retinoic acid increased expression of the Na+/Ca2+ exchanger in the heart and brain. Full text in PDF

Hudecova S, Stefanik P, Macejova D, Brtko J, Krizanova O

Rabbit liver microsomal system: study of interaction with two model N-nitrosamines and their metabolism. Full text in PDF

Sulc M, Kubickova B, Maslova V, Hodek P

Factor V Leiden in patients with venous thrombosis in Slovak population. Full text in PDF

Simkova M, Batorova A, Dostalova K, Pozgayova S, Simko F, Kovacs L

Amiloride-sensitive sodium transport in lamprey red blood cells: evidence for two distinct transport pathways. Full text in PDF

Gusev GP, Ivanova TI

Effect of Tanakan on postischemic activity of protein synthesis machinery in the rat brain. Full text in PDF

Hrehorovska M, Burda J, Domorakova I, Mechirova E

Evaluation of comparative cytochrome P450 2B4 model by photoaffinity labeling. Full text in PDF

Hodek P, Sopko B, Antonovic L, Sulc M, Novak P, Strobel HW

Proteins released from liver after ischaemia induced an elevation of heart resistance against ischaemia-reperfusion injury: 2. Beneficial effect of liver ischaemia in situ. Full text in PDF

Bartekova M, Sulova Z, Pancza D, Ravingerova T, Stankovicova T, Styk J, Breier A

Expression of C/EBPd in rat liver during development and the acute-phase response. (Short Communication) Full text in PDF

Dinic S, Ivanovic-Matic S, Mihailovic M, Bogojevic D, Poznanovic G

Melatonin scavenges phenylglyoxylic ketyl radicals. (Short Communication) Full text in PDF

Sersen F, Vencel T, Annus J