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Vol. 22, No. 2 (2003)

Changes of compressibility of low density lipoproteins following copper mediated oxidation. Full text in PDF

Hianik T, Rybar P, Sikurova L, Hermetter A

The effects of H2O2 on electromechanical activity of the ileum longitudinal muscle. Full text in PDF

Rekalov V, Juranek I, Gurkovskaya A, Shuba M, Bauer V

Hydroxylation of phenol to catechol by Candida tropicalis: involvement of cytochrome P450. Full text in PDF

Stiborova M, Sucha V, Miksanova M, Paca J Jr, Paca J

Expression of the rat liver haptoglobin gene is mediated by isoforms of C/EBPα, -β and -δ proteins. Full text in PDF

Milosavljevic T, Lazic T, Uskokovic A, Petrovic M, Grigorov I

Monitoring of premitotic and postmitotic apoptosis in gamma-irradiated HL-60 cells by the mitochondrial membrane protein-specific monoclonal antibody APO2.7. Full text in PDF

Marekova M, Vavrova J, Vokurkova D

Inhibition of hormone secretion in GH-secreting pituitary adenomas by receptor-subtype specific somatostatin analogues in vitro. Full text in PDF

Cap J, Marekova M, Cerman J, Malirova E, Suba P, Netuka D, Hana V, Marek J

Role of epicardial QT intervals in the assessment of ventricular repolarisation dispersion. Full text in PDF

Wang L

Osmotic water permeability and regulatory volume decrease of rat thymocytes. Full text in PDF

Kurbannazarova RS, Tashmukhamedov BA, Sabirov RZ

Possible metabolic pathways of conversion of formaldoxime and glyceryl trinitrate to NO. Full text in PDF

Chalupsky K, Bartik P, Eklova S, Entlicher G

Long distance PCR in detection of inversion mutations of F8C gene in hemophilia A patients. Full text in PDF

Polakova H, Zmetakova I, Kadasi L

Immunoglobulin D enhances interleukin-6 release from the KU812 human prebasophil cell line. Full text in PDF

Sechet B, Meseri-Delwail A, Arock M, Wijdenes J, Lecron JC, Sarrouilhe D

Hypoxia increases cell death in multidrug-resistant leukemia cells. Differences in viability and ultrastructure between sensitive and multidrug-resistant L1210 mouse leukemic cells under hypoxia. Full text in PDF

El-Saggan AH, Dovinova I, Sulova Z, Barancik M, Hunakova L, Breier A, Uhrik B

Single and multiple early afterdepolarization caused by nickel in rat atrial muscle. (Short Communication) Full text in PDF

Golovko VA, Bojtsov IV, Kotov LN

Acute-phase-dependent binding affinity of C/EBPβ from the nuclear extract and nuclear matrix towards the hormone response element of the α2-macroglobulin gene in rat hepatocytes. (Short Communication) Full text in PDF

Bogojevic D, Mihailovic M, Petrovic M, Dinic S, Ivanovic-Matic S, Poznanovic G